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Forklift truck sales around the world

We are a “one stop” provider saving you time and money in your search for the right machine from multiple manufacturers and dealerships. We have established reliable suppliers worldwide for both new and used machines from leading manufacturers including TCM, JCB, Ausa, Combilift and Manitou.

Refurbished or in original condition

Here at The Forklift Shop we supply forklift trucks and machinery to both end users and the trade. If you wish to have your machine fully reconditioned we will ensure that the work is carried out by qualified technicians. If you are a dealer we will source a machine at a great price ready for your workshop to add the finishing touches.

The machines that we sell

Most of the forklift trucks you will see in our showroom are fully refurbished trucks ready to go! Why? Well most people don’t really want to look at beaten and bruised trucks wth rust, oil leaks and in need of repair. However, here at The Forklift Shop a lot of our business comes from soucing forklifts in need of repair or cosmetic overhaul. If you are a dealer searching for that elusive truck for your customer and you have the workshop facilities and team to carry out the work why not complete our Truck Finder and let us help

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We are here to answer any questions that you may have, call or complete our easy contact form for an immediate response.